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CAA Challenge Petitions by SDPI and Other Parties – Govt. to Submit Affidavit Within Three Weeks

Electoral Bond: The Biggest Ever Scam in the Country

SDPISocial Media Campaign March 18 – 24

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Electoral Bond – The Panacea of the Fraudsters to Thwart Probe Against Them

ED Raid at MK Faizy’s Residence is Politics of Vengeance

ED Raid at MK Faizy’s Residence is Politics of VengeanceNEW DELHI, 28/02/2024: BM Kamble, the National Vice-president of the SocialDemocratic Party of India strongly condemned the raid at the residence ...

Modi has no moral to continue as PM

SDPI will Contest 60 Seats in the Lok Sabha Election 2024

New Delhi 17 Feb 2024: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has announced that it will contest 60 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The party has released its ...

Stop Bulldozer Anarchy

UCC: It’s not Uniform

UCC: It’s Not Uniform! The government of Uttarakhand by exempting the tribals from the ambit of the Uniform Civil Code enacted the other day in the state, is explicitly admitting ...

Let Justice be done through the heavens fall