SDPI is a party founded for the advancement and uniform development of all the citizenry including Muslims, Dalits, Backward Classes and Adivasis. Its objective is to share the power fairly among all the citizens.

SDPI represents the people of our beloved nation. The party is here to fight the neo-colonial and neo-liberal incursions in our country.

The significance of SDPI could be stated as; it is a group of people who have realized that they have the will and power required for the building up of at new nation. SDPI’ans are well aware of the fact that the achievement of social and economic justice could only be possible through the involvement in the political activities and sharing of power.

Social Democratic Party of India was formed and declared on 21st June 2009 at New Delhi. It was registered with the Election Commission of India on 13 April 2010.

The party is the representation of a new political vision for its people formed after a thorough study and analysis of post Independent India. It is a systematic and gradual evolution towards total empowerment of the poor and the downtrodden. It is struggling to provide political empowerment of the oppressed, weaker and marginalized sections in the country.

Right after its inception, SDPI has been embraced by lakhs of Cadres & Members in various states across the length and breadth of the nation and its presence is gradually increasing