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05 Nov

The country is reeling in an Undeclared emergency recollecting ‘DARK AGES’ of 1975

05 Nov New Delhi: National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Elyas Muhammad Thumbe condemns the impositon of 24 hours ban on NDTV by the BJP central government and expressed his angst over the fate of freedom ...

03 Nov

Initiate time bound Judicial Enquiry in to the Bhopal fake encounter – Elyas Thumbe SDPI

Bhopal, 03 Nov 2016: The entire drama of encounter killings of 8 SIMI under-trials appears to be a fake, dubious and stage managed, said SDPI General Secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, while addressing a press conference at Bhopal on 03 November ...

21 Oct

Brutal attack unleashed by BJP against Muslim community in Poll Bound Uttar Pradesh – SDPI

21 Oct 2016, New Delhi: SDPI National President A Sayeed paid a visit to Gummakhan village yesterday where brutal attack was unleashed against Muslim community on 14th of this month. A procession carrying idol of Bahalia reached the village by ...

The whole country is with Indian Army
01 Oct

The whole country is with Indian Army – SDPI

30 Sept. 2016 New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India while expressing anguish on the deteriorating situation in Indo-Pak relationship assured its whole hearted support to the Indian Army in protecting the nation. A Sayeed, National President SDPI, in ...

28 Sep

SECULAR INDIA MEET: SDPI’s clarion call to people for Secular India; Organizes countrywide programs

28 Sept. 2016 New Delhi: Taking on the communal forces which have created chaos across the country, the distressed Social Democratic Party of India has decided to give a clarion call of unity to the people of India through a ...

28 Sep

SDPI vehemently condemns Uri attack; offers heartfelt condolences to families of victims

22 Sept. 2016 New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while vehemently condemning the Uri attack has expressed heartfelt condolences to the families of the 18 Jawans who laid down their precious lives for the country. SDPI national ...

26 Sep

SDPI Gujarat submits memorandum with Governor, demanded compensation to the victim’s family

25 Sept. 2016 Ahmedabad: SDPI Gujarat Unit submitted a memorandum with the District Magistrate Ahmedabad addressed to the Governor of Gujarat. The memorandum requested the honorable Governor to check the case of brutal killing of a youth by cow vigilantes ...

09 Sep

India heading towards self disaster – SDPI

New Delhi 8 Sept.: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has expressed deep anguish over the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement, (LEMOA), between India and the United States. The party termed it as “sell out of ...

SDPI Harmony Meet
21 Aug

SDPI organized harmony meet to pave the way to unity among marginalized sections

New Delhi 21 August 2016: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) organized Harmony Meet in the national capital with a slogan ‘…to pave the way to unity among marginalized sections’, attended by heads of several socio-political organizations. SDPI Vice President ...

16 Aug

SDPI kota Flag hoisting on the occasion of Independence Day

        SDPI की और से स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर झण्डारोहण किया गया।      कोटा दिंनांक 15 अगस्त 2016 सोशल डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी आॅफ इण्डिया की कोटा जिला इकाई की ओर से जिला कार्यालय पर झण्डारोहण किया गया जिसमें ...