Shifting US Embassy to Jerusalem is against the Consensus of Palestinians and International Community: SDPI

New Delhi 17 May 2018: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) held a protest demonstration at UN Office in the national capital urging the United Nations to immediately intervene and stop the brutal murders of innocent Palestinians. The party took a strong objection against the US’s decision of shifting its Embassy from its capital Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The party leadership demanded that the Israel which is a rouge state having been indulged in terror by killing scores and displacing the native Palestinians as refugees and creating conflict in the region for several decades, be booked for war crimes and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their motherland. SDPI termed the shifting of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is against the consensus of Palestinians and international community.

The agitation was led by Party’s National Working Committee Member Dr. Tasleem Ahmed Rahmani. Those addressed and talked to the media during the protest demonstration were SDPI Delhi State Convenor Dr. Nizamuddin Khan, SDPI Delhi Committee Member Dr. Shamoon and Popular Front Delhi State President Parwez Ahmed. The agitation was participated by a large number of SDPI cadres and members.

The party leadership, after the protest, submitted a memorandum with the Resident Coordinator at UN Office, New Delhi addressed to the Secretary General of United Nations. Here are the demands which were furnished in the SDPI’s memorandum:

1] The Israel came in to existence with only 13% of the land and now occupies almost 90%, forcing the entire Palestinian population to strive for their own nation. It is to be noted that over 70 lakh Palestinians have been living as refugees in their own homeland.  Israel has been using arms and lethal weapons on innocent Palestinians who strive for their homeland and for their living and fundamental rights.  Israel has been killing thousands of people in Palestine, pushed thousands of people in jail/illegal confinement and subjecting them to torture and death. UNO has to intervene and order Israel to stop killing Palestinians and to release every Palestinian from their illegal confinement.

2] Israel has become very notorious in killing the Palestinians and it has killed 60 people in the last week while they were demonstrating for their rights. It has committed war crimes without shy and hesitation.  Israel has violated international rules of war many times earlier and UNO has miserably failed to punish Israel for the same.  Now the UNO has to book Israel under war crime seriously and punish it stringently for neglecting the international guidelines.

UNO has to declare independence to Palestine and declare Palestine as a sovereign country

3] Israel has illegally occupied Palestinian land and constructed illegal settlement in the same land.  It has illegally grabbed the land of neighbor countries like Jordan, Lebanon etc. too.  Yet, Israel is not been punished for this illegal and criminal act and grabbed/encroached land has been not returned to the people and country who actually owns.  Hence, all the land illegally occupied and illegally encroached by the Israel has to return to the respective country.  UNO has to declare independence to Palestine and declare Palestine as a sovereign country.

UNO has to take actions against USA to rollback its decision over shifting of its Embassy

4] Donald Trump, the American president is playing with the lives and feelings of entire Palestinians and the entire Muslims of the world by supporting Israel in its vicious and barbaric agenda. With the decision of shifting of its embassy from its existing capital Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is nothing but arrogance and incitement.  UNO has to intervene immediately to ban America to doing this illegal and anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim vendetta. UNO has to take actions against USA to rollback its decision over shifting of its Embassy, as it is against the Human rights of the Palestinians most of whom are rendered homeless and continuing to struggle as refugees in their own motherland.

SDPI to UNO: Act immediately to declare freedom and sovereignty to Palestine!

SDPI further demands that the UNO has to intervene in this matter not by just passing resolution but by using effective means. Israel being a rogue state and indulging in terror and conflict in the region since last several decades is allowed to continue its terror by the UNO.  UNO has miserably failed in solving this issue and playing mild, hide and seek move under the pressure of American interests.  This, in fact, not good for welfare of entire humanity and also against ethical and moral values. Hence, SDPI demands UNO to act immediately to declare freedom and sovereignty to Palestine and return all illegally occupied land by the Israel to its original owned countries like Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.  We hope UNO will act as per the honest and justified expectations of the entire Muslim community in the world and peace lovers as well.