The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has extended support to the agitating farmers from all over India who had gathered in New Delhi on Friday to press the Central government for a waiver of agricultural loans and better crop prices. Farmers affiliated to over 200 organisations from all over the country had walked their way to the national capital to press their demands.


SDPI general secretary Abdul Majeed in a statement said that the demand of debt waiver by farmers needs support as it is genuine. The country needs development and welfare of the people and employment to youth and not temples and statues as being done by RSS-led Modi Government.


Abdul Majeed said raising religious fanaticism; polarisation of people on communal lines, destroying democratic institutions and suppression of dissent has become order of the day, forgetting poll promises made by Modi. We fully support farmers’ rightful demands, he added.


He said that the Modi Government policy of extreme right, which aimed to dislodge farmers from their land, is pushing them at the receiving end. Modi only succeeded in spending hard earn tax payers money in defence which added no employment to Indian economy and wasted lot of money in his foreign trips most of it unplanned with no results.


He said that Agriculture has almost collapsed in India under the BJP rule. It is time for the government to pay heed to farmers. This march to the National capital is indeed a strong message to Modi. The Government should take care of the ones who are feeding the country. Now public is not willing to get fooled by empty slogans of statues and Ayodhya. Farmers should get better price if you are not waiving off the loan.


Abdul Majeed lamented that the National Commission on Farmers, chaired by Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, had submitted five reports through the period December 2004 – October 2006. But successive governments never cared to implement the recommendations in letter and spirit and left the farmers community languishing in penury. Modi during 2014 campaign had also promised to implement Swaminathan Commission report but he has also ditched the farmers. It is very sad situation in India today, where humans should be fed, cared, helped, and where the social and Government servants should strive to bring peace, harmony, justice and to be taken care of their well being of the people who really suffer. But the government is closing their eyes and enjoying by misusing the power which they hold