SDPI’s Massive Dharna at Parliament Street in Delhi

SDPI organised a massive protest demonstration on 6th Dec 2018 at Parliament Street, New Delhi to commemorate the 26th sad demolition anniversary of Babri Masjid and to pressed its demand for the reconstruction of the Masjid at same place with slogan REGAIN BABRI MASJID, REGAIN INDIA. SDPI national president M K Faizy, other office bearers and members of National Working Committee led the protest Dharna. The dignitaries who addressed the protesters on this occasion include M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah (General Secretary, Popular Front of India), Ravi Nair (Executive Director, SAHRDC), Adv. Ashok Bharti (President, Jan Samman Party), Naved Hamid (President, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat), E M Abdul Rahiman (President, Empower India Foundation).

While addressing the gathering, the speakers said that in the context of the assembly elections in some states and 2019 Lok Sabha polls, BJP is all set to play the dirty card of communal polarization once again, desperately to cover up the failures of the corrupt and corporate controlled Narendra Modi government. The Hindutva masterminds have come to the conclusion that the only way to divert the attention of the masses from their sufferings and to continue in power for another term is to consolidate the Hindu religious sentiments. This is the only reason why Sangh Parivar has suddenly become aggressive for Ram Mandir construction. With an eye only on electoral gains, different elements in Sangh Parivar, are competing each other arousing Hindu religious sentiments and spreading Muslim hate in the name of Ram Mandir construction.

Babri Masjid was built in 1528 and Muslims were offering prayers there till idols were illegally installed in the Masjid by groups of fanatics in the night of 22 December 1949. By demolishing the centuries old Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992, the Sangh Parivar has not only destroyed a place of Muslim worship. In fact, they have damaged the ideals and values of our nation and its constitution. The central and state governments, police and military miserably failed in protecting Babri Masjid and preventing erection of a make-shift Ram temple. In the aftermath of the incident, Muslims were assured that the demolished Masjid would be reconstructed on the same site. Now all eyes are on the final verdict in Babri Masjid land ownership case pending before the Supreme Court and the criminal cases against those who are responsible for Masjid destruction.

Rebuilding Babri Masjid is the litmus test of Indian democracy, secularism, judiciary and rule of law. But this issue is now seems discarded by most secular parties with an eye on majority vote bank. This political situation shows nothing but the influence of Hindutva agenda on secular politics.

In this situation SDPI believes that regaining Babri Masjid is integral to our task of regaining Indian back to its constitutional values. We request all responsible citizens in the capital city to participate in the Dharna. We also request media to cover this programme which is committed to the cause of democracy and secularism.

Massive protest demonstation held by SDPI at Parliament Street in Delhi

SDPI Gen Secretary Abdul Majeed addressing the gathering