SDPI challenges in Supreme Court Constitutional Amendment for Economic Reservation

SDPI had taken a strong exception to THE CONSTITUTION (ONE HUNDRED AND THIRD) AMENDMENT ACT, 2019 granting reservation on economic criterian. It is very relevant to recall that intensive debate was held in the Constituent Assembly to fix the basis for the reservation and after long deliberations, the framers of our Constitution squarely decided that the basis to grant reservation was to be social and educational backwardness, not the economic backwardness. The reservation was thus made applicable to the members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The economic basis was deeply considered and rejected. So in Clause (5) Article 15 and also in Clause (5) of Article 16, the provision for SC/ST reservation in unequivocal terms, was decided on the social and educational backwardness. The Constitutional Amendment piloted by Ist Modi government, granting reservation on financial criterian has put the Constitutional provisions upside down damaging the spirit of the Constitution as originally framed by our national stalwarts and great freedom fighters.

The Modi government, spell-bound by Hindutva influence and BJP being disdainful to the constitutional mandate, have engineered the change in original scheme of reservation only to scrap the entire reservation by slowly depriving the SC/ST and OBC from the constitutional safeguards.

SDPI in fully committed to protect and promote the values and norms of the Constitution. The State units of SDPI in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have earlier filed separate Public Interest Litigations in respective High Courts challenging the scheme of reservation on economic basis.  Since the matter is of nation-wide implication, SDPI felt it expedient to file a case in Supreme Court of India which has been duly filed and now Hon’ble Supreme Court has kindly made an order to hear our case. 

SDPI is alarmed at the dangers to reservation looming large at face of communalists-casteists-capitalists trying to debar the weaker sections from their dues. SDPI had opposed the bill, hurriedly tabling and passing a law of Constitutional Amendment as well as its hasty execution by the BJP led governments.  Modi government was politically motivated in this matter to get immediate benefits in Lok Sabha elections. SDPI national vice president Adv Sharfuddin said that the party shall politically and legally fight to uphold the Constitution of India by getting the Constitutional Amendment Act 2019, ultra-virus and illegal by the Supreme Court of India.

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