Scholars and Educational Experts Call for Extension of Last Date for Submission of Views on Draft NEP: SDPI

New Delhi 28 June 2019: Scholars, activists and educational experts participating in the discussion on draft New Education Policy organised by SDPI at India International Centre unanimously adopted the resolution calling on the government to extend the last date for submission of suggestions and objections by at least six months. The panel has expressed its displeasure anguish and astonishment as to why government is in hurry to pass such a policy of vital importance without taking in to confidence all the stake holders and without conducting proper debate and discussion.

The panellists also suggested that government shall come out with a clear policy as regards the fund allocations and mention it in policy document to provide at least 10% of GDP for educational empowerment. The experts were highly critical of putting child education below age group of 3-5 years under government sector. It also criticized the provisions encouraging corporatization and privatization of higher education.  The panel expressed its apprehensions over the concentration of power in PMO as it goes against the federal nature of education envisioned in the Constitution. No assurance is given in the draft NEP about the cultural and religious autonomy in imparting education. The panel has approved SDPI draft of objections to be submitted to government and decided to co- ordinate with all social, educational, minority and political groups working in this regard.  It is felt that civil society may need to raise a public movement to impress upon the govt. to incorporate genuine objections to the draft.

Mohd Shafi, National General Secretary, SDPI, Khwaja Shahid, Ex Registrar, Dr Baseer Ahmed Khan, Ex PVC IGNOU, Nandita Narian, Ex DUTA President, Dr Najma Rehmani Treasure DUTA, Dr Anita Nuna, (NCERT), Dr M.Srinivasan (Bengaluru), Dr Ashish Kulkarni (Mumbai), Mr Qurban Ali, Mr Kamal Faruqi, Mr Abrar Islahi, Dr Idris Qureshi,Prashant Chouhan, Fr. Susai Sebstian, Cardinal  Tarana Sharffuddin (Kanpur),Ad Sharafudeen Ahmed were   among other dignitaries who participated in the deliberations. Dr Tasleem Rehmani National Secretary SDPI moderated the discussion. Dr Tasleem Rahmani said SDPI will organise such discussions throughout the country.

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