New Delhi 29 June 2019: Social Democratic Party of India gathered on 28th June 2019 in huge numbers at Begumpur, Rohini to raise voice for the Maulana Momin who been attacked some hardcore group in Rohini and Asks chant Jai Shri Ram. SDPI also protested for Tabrez Ansari who killed by a mob in Jharkhand on 26th June in front of Jharkhand Bhawan and we will continue this fight against injustice “said SDPI National Secretary, Dr. Tasleem Rehmani.

He also added that we are the plural society we have been living together for centuries but this Modi regime trying to follow the British rule policy “divide and rule”. BJP regime spreading hate among Indians from the last 8-10 years. This can’t be tolerated. Here Muslims are living in large number after Hindus, and other communities like Sikh, Jains, and Christians all are happy with each other but BJP’s vote bank politics pulling nation down. People should come out from their ac homes otherwise all of us will get into this barbaric trap. Dr. Rehmani quoted that our Ulema Ikram sacrifices their lives for this beloved country, go to the Delhi and see the blood spots on the stone there and check whose blood is involved in those stones, that blood is of our Ulema’s, they haven’t sacrificed of Muslim country but for the plural nation where everyone can live happily together. They fought to save constitution. We had to tell them we also can die for this country like before but remember that this constitution has given the right to protest against injustice. We were given time to the law if not get the justice we will spread this protest to every nook and corner of the nation. Police should arrest culprits as soon as possible. If in a place like Delhi can happen such inhuman incidents so you only can imagine rest of India. 

SDPI Vice President Adv Sharfuddin also pointed out that we want the rule of law in this nation and stop injustice to a particular community. Govt. is not giving a strong message to Goons that’s why such incidents taking place everywhere in India. We want to also give a message in this protest we are peaceful people and we have the right to protest. We will continue our fight to establish the rule of law.

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