New Delhi, 27 July 2016: SDPI is committed to the positive politics for the goal of welfare state reinventing the social democracy in the country by inclusion of all especially, the most marginalized section of the society so that the party identify neither with group nor region of the country. The party an All India representation into its structure and also has strongly internal democracy to run and also to forge alliance with other political parties. The vision of SDPI is not confined to the electoral politics only by making public statements but to facilitate a society based on values and virtues of the constitution of India by deploying its cadres and members midst of all the social eventualities for all the time. The party is not recognized by a personality or an issue and has been pursuing a value based and well thought of plan for the betterment of our future.

When 66.4% of voters casted their votes in the last loksabha election, a miniscule minority consisting of 31% of the total votes polled, succeeded in forming government and executing an agenda contrary to the principal of the constitution. In the escalating atmosphere of growth of hatred, violence, intolerance and dangerous to the secularism and democracy in India, SDPI cooperated with talks to initiate a dialogue to consolidate minority forces in the country with an understanding to follow the secular and democratic principles. But, the move’ got astray when the said mandate for the concept of alliance was narrowed to the politics of UP election and to confined to the purpose of representing Muslim votes only. Such a move would be beneficial to the cause of communal consolidation engineered and promoted by the RSS.

Secretariat Meeting of Social Democratic Party of India, held at Bangalore on 21st July 2016, asserted that objective of the party is to defeat communal forces by forging all the secular votes together not to promote any person or party. We do not encourage sectarian politics of any person or party but the values and ethics of people friendly politics, beneficial for the welfare to the country.