New Delhi, 05 Feb 2020: The Central Government in a written reply in Loksabha today has stated that there was no intention to roll out the process of NRC in the country. It appears that the Government is purposefully misleading the country in a situation when people in every nook and corner of the country are on their feet, vigorously protesting against the CAA-NPR-NRC.   Youth, students, women, intellectuals and social as well as political activists all are on one platform against the issue. The Home Minister had in unequivocal terms weaved together CAA-NRC and repeatedly explained the chronology of its implementation in the parliament.  Furthermore, the government had made it clear through a Circular that NPR is the first step of NRC. The process of NPR is to begin by 20th of April, 2020. The current format of NPR asks the date of birth and place of birth of the parents. This format is not in line with the process of Census.

The announcement that NRC will not be implemented is an attempt to get a breather for the government from the intensifying anti CAA protests.

Since the Home Minister has categorically declared the chronology of implementation of CAA/NPR/NRC and that the government would not move a step backward from implementing CAA/NPR/NRC, the latest statement of not implementing NRC is absolutely an exercise to deceive the people and to cool down the agitations.

The only practical solution is to withdraw the divisive Act in Toto.