New Delhi, 16-01-2020: Social Democratic Party of India National President MK Faizy in a statement has demanded the central government and the investigating agencies to remove the mysteries surrounding the arrest of Davinder Singh, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, at Mir Bazar in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Saturday along with alleged Hizbul Mujahedeen members accused of serious crimes against the nation.  In spite of the fact that a senior police officer who had been reportedly awarded prestigious President’s Police Medal last year have been arrested while transporting alleged terrorists, it is serious that not much  concerns are being raised in the country.  Reportedly, he has already passed them highly classified information. Though five days have passed since the incident both the central government and the opposition parties except very few leaders are remaining silent over the issue.  It is ironic that a section of media in the country who unfailingly sensationalizes even minor local incidents, engages in witch-hunt of communities and organizations and even target genuine expression of dissent as anti-national are sidelining a serious incident directly linked to the national security.

Serious allegations were raised against the said officer in the past too. His name was linked to the notorious parliament attack of 2001 along with the prime accused and convict Afzal Guru. There is recorded statement of Afzal Guru that it was Singh who sent   parliament attackers with him to Delhi. With the execution of Afzal Guru by the order of the Supreme Court, the matter was closed then and there. Now, with the present incident, the mainstream narrative about the parliament attack also comes under cloud with the alleged involvement of Davinder Singh. 

We have been witnessing exposures and discussions about every terror incident either as official revelations or as media stories quoting investigation or intelligence agencies.  M K Faizy asserted that the people of India have every right to know the full truth about this national security issue.  He demanded the central government agencies to reveal the complete truth and the media to exercise their duty in unravelling the mysteries being the watch dog of national security.