New Delhi (Press Release, 7 Nov., 2022): The five-judges bench verdict allowing 10 percent reservation to Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) goes against the reservation policy as it exclues SEBCs, OBCs, SCs and STs from avaling the benefits despite their wide-ranging social and economic deprivation. This was stated in a press release by BM Kamble, national vice president of Social Democratic Party of India. Kamble was reacting to the 3-2 majority verdict of the Supreme Court bench which delivered its verdict today. He said the verdict is yet another majoritarian policy promoted by the right wing BJP to further exclude socially deprived sections of society which are already lagging behind others socially and economically.

SDPI, which is among the signatories of about 20 petitioners against the 103rd Constituon Amendment after the Bill was enacted by the Parliament on 9 January 2019 by inserting 15 (6), 16 (6) in Articles 15 and 16 to make special provisions in the Constitution and creating 10 percent reservation in government jobs and in higher public and private academic institutions for unreserved categories and, given Presidential assent a few days later. The SDPI strongly registers its objection to the verdict as it deprives the socially backward classes like SCs, STs and OBCs from availing of the EWS quota. The SDPI therefore appeals to the Hon’ble Supreme Court to review the verdict, the statement read.