Social Democratic Party of India sternly condemns the targeted arrests of SDPI Karnataka State Secretary Shafi Bellare and District Secretary Iqbal Bellare by the NIA. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, National General Secretary of SDPI said that NIA has been indulged in discrimination policies and playing to the tune of vendetta politics of its political masters. This destructive phenomenon is absolutely harmful to the well-being of the society and negatively impacts the people’s trust on investigating agencies.

Elyas Thumbe said, NIA is hunting the leaders of SDPI under the pretext of investigating a criminal case which is not at all connected to SDPI. The Union BJP regime is frustratingly trying to inhibit SDPI by concocting allegations and by misusing the investigation agencies like NIA. SDPI will never retreat against such threats and will remain steadfast in protecting the rights and privileges of the people.