The statement was issued after the Gujarat government formed a committee on Saturday, 29 October to implement Uniform Civil Code in the state ahead of assembly elections. In a country with different faiths and diverse traditions, implementation of UCC would deprive people of other faiths of their Constitutional rights to practice their religion as they wish, Yasmin said. She further said that there are a number of serious issues and problems like rising cases of rape, murder, unemployment and increasing poverty, but the failed BJP government is trying to divert people’s attention from real issues affecting majority of the people. She said that the timing for the committee smacks of the fascist government’s clear agenda to impose a Brahminical order.

The SDPI leader said that BJP wants to implement its Hindutva policy flouting the Constitutional guarantees to practice and profess one’s religion.

She said that UCC cannot be implemented without a nationwide consensus of people of all faiths and religious denominations.
SDPI strongly opposes the decision and questions its timing as a political maneuvering to influence voters and therefore demands the Election Commission of India to immediately intervene, the statement read.