New Delhi, 11th July 2021: The National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India Elyas Muhammad said that ‘The Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021’ is nothing but an election gimmick by Yogi led BJP government in U.P and against the principal of Indian constitution. The bill has an intention to oppress the people under the guise of population control. Elyas said, Indian constitution has assured all fundamental and constitutional rights to its every citizen. However, the proposed bill is all set to curtail the rights of freedom of the citizen by denying government jobs, availing ration and government subsidies and not allowed to contest the election etc. If this draconian bill becomes an Act, it will sustain immense damage to the social structure of the state and create inequality in the society. Instead of proposing such draconian ways, Yogi Government has to explore the ways of utilizing the demography for the prosperity of the state. Elyas said, this bill is an attempt to cover up the miserable failures of Yogi’s BJP government in U.P in all aspects. Yogi government has notoriously disgraced itself for reckless handling of Covid crisis, lawless situation in the state, extensive communal and cast based attacks and intimidating bureaucracy. There are widespread incidents of attacks on Muslims in U.P in the pretext of cow protection, Love Jihad, forceful conversion, illegal construction of Masjid, etc only to trim the communal mindset of the people to attain communal polarization aiming upcoming assembly election. Attacks on Daliths and Adivasis are also increased during Yogi’s rule. Proposing this bill is an attempt of diverting the minds of the people from such a miserable failures and facts. SDPI is hopeful that the people of UP will end this anti-people regime of Yogi by giving clear mandate against BJP in the upcoming assembly election in U.P