Demolition of a Church in Delhi was illegal and an act of categorical discrimination

New Delhi, 13th July 2021: The National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India Abdul Majeed Mysore said that the demolition of church in Chattarpur, Delhi was illegal and categorical discrimination on Christian community. SDPI condemn this discrimination and injustice from Delhi Development Authority(DDA).Abdul Majeed said, the church has been situated since last 14 years and the Church Council has neither received any notice from the authorities prior to this ghastly act by the DDA nor given any time to vacate the land. The DDA officials claim that the notice has already been issued is suspicious. When the matter of dispute over the land is with the Religious Committee under the purview of NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) the demolition act from DDA was highly distrustful. It’s also painful that the DDA officials have not even allowed the Church Council Members to retrieve their sacred things inside the Church. This sacrilegious act from the side of officials show their intolerance and least respect towards the community. India is a country wherein Unity in Diversity is its strength of bonding in the society. The law of the land, the procedures, the constitutional and human rights, etc must be exercised and applied equally to all communities without any discrimination. Any discrimination from the side of governance leads to mistrust, frustration and insecurity in the society. Abdul Majeed asserted that the Government has to take stringent action on the officials responsible for such ruckus and turmoil in the society and ensure justice to the sufferers.