New Delhi, 10th July 2021: MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India expressed deep concern about the Delhi High Court instruction to the Union government to initiate steps to implement Uniform Civil Code. India is a country where folks of diverse faiths live, and hence diverse cultures, rites, rituals, etc. too exist. Tribals, castes, etc. also add to this diversity. Any move to merge these diversities will only end up in unrest among the people. Decisions to change or eradicate any rites or codes of a community that seem illogical to others should come from within the community and it is not to be thrusted upon them by any authority. The High Court instruction seems a connived step as in the case of Babri land, illegality of which was legalised through a court order. Uniform Civil Code is a promise in the BJP manifesto, and they will undoubtedly endeavour to implement it. But it is the responsibility of the secular political parties to ensure that religious freedom in the country is not turtled by the sanghi fascists. “One culture” is part of the Hindu nation envisaged by Golwalkar, and Uniform Civil Code is intended to fulfill this vision. The proponents of Uniform Civil Code have not yet told the country what is this Uniform Code or how practical is it, to implement it at least in the Hindu community, which itself consists of numerous castes. It is not Uniform Civil Code, but Unity in Diversity, the real characteristic of our country that is what is to be strengthened to save the country from destruction; and the judiciary needs to be more cautious about standing with contentious issues which would adversely affect the harmony in the country, said Faizy.