New Delhi, 6thJuly 2021: The National President of Social Democratic Party of India, M.K. Faizy said that the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement should be discussed as a prime agenda in RSS itself and needs its retrospection. Bhagwat’s assertion shouldn’t be limited to just a statement but to be realized at the helm of its affairs, ideologies and objectives. Faizy, pointed out to Bhagwat’s assertion that ‘those indulging in lynching are against Hindutwa’ and said lynching has become a common act of Sangh Parivar members throughout the country. Thousands of ‘Go Rakshak Sanghs’ are active in the country whose prime activities are attacking, looting and lynching the Muslims in the name of ‘Cow’ or ‘Jai Sriram’. Faizy said, Bhagwat’s affirmation of “Don’t get trapped in the cycle of fear that Islam is in danger in India” need to be checked in the Sangh circle itself. Bhagwat is well aware of Golwalkar theory of ‘Hindutwa’ which directs the Sangh members to treat Muslims as enemies and evils that need to be eliminated from the country. This ideology of RSS has been taught to Sangh members till today in its training camps, Shakhas, literatures, speeches, etc. Arms training and brain washing camps are taking place across the country by the RSS to instill Golwalkar theory in the minds of RSS workers and for its implementation. Even ‘Hindutwa Politics’ survives and thrives on the Golwalkar theory of communal polarization and demonization of Muslims. Hence, Bhagwat must now act upon to transform the ideals and objectives of RSS and its offshoots into ‘Inclusive ideals of all Indians’ and discard all kinds of hate, malice and crimes. Faizy said Hindu Muslim unity is the real strength and integrity of this country and to build this nation on the base of broad and vibrant perspectives. Any effort to divide the people on the basis of ‘Dharma'(religion) and chauvinism destroys the beauty and bonding of this country.