Solicitor General Tushar Mehtha must be sacked

New Delhi, 4th July 2021: The National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India Mohammad Shafi said that the Solicitor General (SG) of India Tushar Mehta must be sacked from his post as he had met BJP leader Suvendu Adkhikari who is an accused in 2016 Narada sting operation case whereas SG Tushar Mehta is representing CBI in the Supreme Court and Kolkata High Court in connection with the case. Shafi said, the CBI is investigating the case wherein Suvendu Adkhikari is one of accused and SG is representing the agency. SG’s meeting with an accused in serious offences is against the interest with the constitutional duties of the SG of India and Suvendu’s meeting with SG could influence the case. One can clearly understand that Suvendu Adhikari is enjoying full impunity by the mercy of BJP Government from the arrest by CBI in connection with Narada sting operation case and Sarada Chit Fund Scam case. In the last month the CBI officials arrested the TMC leaders in Kolkata in connection with Narada sting operation case but left out Suvendu Adhikari who is also a prime accused in the case. Meeting between Suvendu and SG for 30 minutes in latter’s office raises question over the trust and reliability of the office of SG. Such a grave blunder from both would question the trust and genuineness of the constitutional post and its decorum. Shafi demands the Union Government to sack the Solicitor General immediately to protect the decorum and trust of the post and neutrality in the case.