Corruption haunts Rafale Deal. Appoint JPC to probe the scandal

The National President of Social Democratic Party of India M.K. Faizy said the Corruption haunting Rafale Deal needs to be probed by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). The Rafale fighter jets deal between India and France has once again grabbed center stage of huge corruption at two sides. He said, the Indian government cannot hush up this scandal under the garb of ‘National Security’.Faizy reiterated that The National Financial Prosecutors Office (PNF) of France has appointed a judge to investigate the controversial multi-billion-dollar sale of Rafale fighter jets to India on corruption suspicions. On prima facie itself one can easily realize the huge corruption in this deal. The deal of buying 36 fighter jets from Dassault Aviation through inexperienced Reliance Group for a cost of Rs.1670 Crores instead of Rs.526 Crores amounting to Rs.60,000 crores raises lots of questions. Modi government has not yet answered to the people of this country that why the govt. bought the fighter jets for additional cost of Rs.1144 crores each which is whopping additional amount of Rs.41,000 crores. Modi Govt. has no answer yet that why it has cancelled Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) as the purchaser and favored Reliance Group in the deal which has no experience in the field. The previous government had made an agreement of contract to transfer the technology to HAL by assembling the parts of fighter jets in India, but the Modi government has cancelled the agreement which incurred heavy loss to our country.Faizy said, appointment of a Judge by the PNF France to investigate the corruption is a clear signal that something fishy and stinking in the deal. Last year Modi Government succeeded to close the allegation through legal means showing the reason of ‘National Security’. This kind of evading the investigation under the garb of ‘National Security’ itself is a great threat to our ‘National Security’. Faizy said Indian people cannot swallow the massive loss and compromise in the ‘National Security’. He demanded that a Joint Parliamentary Committee must be appointed immediately to investigate the scandal.