New Delhi 22 Aug 2019: SDPI National President M.K Faizy has alleged that the political vendetta, pure and simple behind the arrest of P.Chidambaram, former union finance minister and on e of the senior leaders of Indian National Congress. This is in order to divert people’s attention from the disastrous downfall of Indian economy.

In order to take revenge on P.Chidambaram the CBI officers chased him and jumped over the compound wall of his house and arrested him. If this step is taken against corruption what sensational actions have been taken against Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya by the Modi Sarkar? What about the allegations against the abuse of huge fund by Amit Shah’s son Jai Sha related company. What about 45000 Crores sac related to marble quarries by former chief minister of Rajastan, VasundharaRaje and also Vyapam corruption in MP? The entire nation knows the way the BJP bought off MLAs in Karnataka to capture power in the state in one of slimiest operations. The corruption-borne Yeddyurappa was installed in power by skulduggery Faizy added.

The reason for the arrest of Chidambaram is the role he played in exposing the chaos in GST, the total failure of hare brained actions like demonetization and the steep downfall of Indian economy. He was also responsible as home minister for the arrest of Amit Shah    for fake encounter killings in Gujarat. Besides that he initiated investigation about Sanghi terror like,Samjhauta Express, blast, Malegaon blast and Mecca Masjid blast. However these cases have not been handled properly yet. BJP is playing a dirty game and it is unfortunate that the spineless media is helping it. We would like to be reminded of the remark of the Supreme Court that CBIis a parrot in cage and it reflects the mood of the ring master.

It seems, Chidambaram as a MP had no intention to hide or abscond from the country. Despite his attending all the summons since two years as a respectable citizen, the sudden action betrays the desperation and vindictiveness of the central govt which is running short of tricks to divert people’s attention. Many big companies are on brink of collapse, thousands are retrenched every day and stock exchanges are in disarray. Even though SDPI has many points of disagreement with Chidambaram, the present actions against are strongly condemnable Faizy added.