The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), while criticizing the demolition of Ravidas temple the other day, has hailed the Bhim army which has the guts to stand up against the oppressor Brahmin RSS Govt.

Mohammad Shafi, SDPI national general secretary, in a statement has questioned the handling of the rally to protest the Ravidas temple demolition by police. This rally was more of a religious and social protest for a temple that was illegally demolished. There were no politicians. This was united demonstration by Dalit protesters from across the country. Such a protest was rare and was last seen in the time of the veteran Dalit leader Kanshi Ram.Shafi said that only Brahmin/aryan gods matter in India. Dalit and Tribal gods are dispensable in India. RSS is always against saints who question the Vedas and Brahminical supremacy. Dalits call to “Mandir wahin banayenge” looks like vote-bank game is coming back to bite RSS.

He said that Ambedkar has illustrated his respect for Ravidas in his writings, and even dedicated a book to him! Why this government is then so much against Ambedkar and Dalit self-respect?Shafi said the irony is compounded in this case. The reason the temple was demolished was that it fell in the “Green Zone.” Just ask yourself the question: How many times have we licensed all kinds of relaxations and exemptions to Green Zone rules, coastal regulation rules etc. in the name of development, often with catastrophic consequences? In that context, the alacrity with which the Green Zone regulations were applied after the Supreme Court nod to a longstanding harmless structure is bound to raise questions about whether our environmental pieties are also applied unequally. The rule of law becomes such a signifier of partisanship and inequality.