Dramatic Yeddi Government is fatal to state’s welfare : SDPI

Bengaluru, August 28, 2019: Though Yediyurappa ‘s BJP government grabbed power with hectic melidrama and enticements, now it is pursuing more dramas and acrobats which pushed the state into hanging and uncertainty, said Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, state president of Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka state in a press release.

He said, Yediyurappa is now not in a position to do the development of the state, but busy only with strengthening his seat and in acrobatic work of pleasing the unhappy legislatures. The people of 18 districts of the state who lost their houses, properties and agriculture in the devastating flood are still desperately waiting for the appropriate help from the state government. People are frustratingly seeking a roof atop their head. The farmers awaiting anxiously for the compensation from the government for their crop losses. However, the Negligence from the government is unpardonable.

Appointment of three Deputy CMs has no reason in terms of development of the state but only to satisfy the unhappy legislators. The dissidence boiling in BJP and discontent in the party leadership is very harmful to the welfare of the state. Giving ministership to Lakshmana Savadi who was not elected as legislator and making him as Deputy CM is nothing but ridiculing the voters of the state.

In view of dramas in the previous government, the media nicknamed the state as ‘Kar-Nataka’ and now the present regime is acting on drama over drama. This is miserable in the interest of Karnataka, said Elyas Muhammad Thumbe. He said SDPI opined that it is better to dissolve the assembly now to enable the people to elect new suitable government.