Acquittal of the accused in Pehlu Khan Lynching Case is a big blot on Indian judiciary: SDPI

New Delhi 16 Aug 2019: The acquittals of the six accused in Pehlu Khan lynching case in Rajasthan in April 2017 has come as a shocker to the nation and a  big blot on Indian judiciary, said M K Faizy, the president of  the Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) in a statement issued by him.

Our justice system is becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. It seems that both the democratic set up and justice system are in ICU. Actually the verdict has lynched the judicial system, which appears to have legalized day-light murder, “said Mr. Faizy.

He wondered would the court have given the same verdict if the accused were Muslims. For instance in Muzaffarnagar recently only the Muslim accused were convicted. For Muslims and Dalits there is no justice in India. He lamented that human life is cheaper than cows in new India. He asserted courts cannot become blind on technical grounds. Was it the cattle which gored Pehlu Khan to death or the faceless human beings in the videos we all saw?

Faizy questioned if someone is killed in broad daylight, and mobile camera captures the moment but still the court says this is not evidence. Even a 5 year old child, not to say an experienced judge, should have been able to convict the accused. The statement stated: “It is death of humanity earlier, now death of judiciary. How can there be question of benefit of doubt for something caught on camera? This will encourage mob lynching. Police could identify the murderers from video, but not court.

He hoped that next time the system would take a magistrate along to witness the lynching. If video evidence is not sufficient then how traffic challans are being sent home by police”, he asked. He called up on the Congress government in Rajasthan to take strong disciplinary action against the delinquent officers and appoint capable legal professional to argue in the appeals court.