Government’s Negligence to Flood Victims Condemnable: SDPI

Bangalore, August 10, 2019: Social Democratic Party of India SDPI condemns the Negligence of the government in responding appropriately to the victims of flood in 12 districts of North Karnataka.

Hundreds of villages in North Karnataka districts like Belgaum, Bagalkot, Bijapur etc are submerged in flood water. Though the government and the social volunteers shifted them in temporary shelters, they have not been provided any facilities and are living in very pitiable conditions. Social Democratic Party of India strongly condemns the negligent attitude of the state and central governments.

The women, children and elders are suffering in these shelters without even providing them drinking water and medicines. The flood victims left their homes only with their sported dress are now passing the days with shivering cold as they don’t have other dress to change. Blankets were also not provided. Hygiene not maintained in the shelters. The ganji provided them not in time. What is the use of the government which is least bothered about the poor hapless people ? The bureaucrats, MLAs and ministers are not visible in the vicinity to hear the agonies of the people. What the benefits people get only if publishing the photos and statements ?

SDPI state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe along with state secretary Afsar Kidlipet, Yadgir district president Mohammad Khalid, Popular Front state committee member Shahid Naseer and Jevargi are president Yunus visited the flood hit area to supervise the rescue and Relief activities carried by the workers of SDPI and PFI. They appreciated their relentless work and service and motivated them. SDPI state president directed the party workers to immediately provide drinking water and clothes to them who are suffering from lack of potable water and clothes. He appreciated SDPI workers and Popular Front cadres for their selfless service in rescuing and shifting the people and livestocks.

SDPI state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe demanded the government to provide immediately the drinking water, clothes, blankets, medical aids, utensils etc to every flood victims. He said the bureaucrats and the MLAs should camp at the flood hit areas to look after the rehabilitation. The government shall take immediate steps to compensate the people who lost their houses and belongings. Elyas Thumbe urged the philanthropists to donate wholeheartedly to the relief and rehabilitation work.