The action of suspending 8 opposition MPs from attending the monsoon session of the parliament for a week is anti-democratic and it manifests the intolerance of the ruling party driven by the fascist ideology of RSS, towards dissent. The suspension ensued the ruckus erupted after the government refused to heed the demand of the opposition to take up the minister’s reply and the vote on Monday on the farm bills which the government was keen to put for vote immediately after Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar’s reply. This spineless stand of the government is the manifestation of its intolerance towards dissent, stated MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), here today. Freedom to dissent and question the authority are the beautiful elements of a healthy democracy. Fascists fear democracy, and scruples and principles are anathema to them. The bills that the government wanted to pass without hindrances are anti-farmer, and the farmers across the country are in the path of agitations against the destructive bills that only helps the corporates, not the farmers. The government is afraid of even a discussion on the bills and so they were hastening to put the bills for vote disregarding the demand of the opposition for a day’s adjournment for the minister’s reply and voting. The bill was passed with voice votes amidst the commotion in Rajyasabha where the ruling side has no majority. Democracy in India is becoming a past time tale in the regime of the extremist right wing fascists. SDPI is highly alarmed about the anti-democratic developments in the country and the growing intolerance of the ruling party. Faizy expressed the hope that the people of the country would respond democratically against the unscrupulous and unethical acts of the central government, and that they wouldn’t allow the democracy to be killed.