Social Democratic Party of India views the demolition of a Madrasa and an adjoining Masjid at Haldwani in Uttarakhand the result of the overenthusiastic bureaucratic activism to make their masters happy. Of late, bulldozing the properties of the community, that has been branded the enemy of the nation by the jingoist Hindutva fascists ruling the country, has been normalised, and no protection is available for the victim citizens of this atrocity carried out by the bureaucrats with the full support of the governments.
Series of such detrimental acts and deeds are leading the country to anarchy. The incident at Haldwani was not just the removal of an ‘illegal building’ but an exercise of eviction of more than 4000 families from the land they have been living for decades. Most of the victims in the atrocity are Muslims as usual.
The script for the eviction lacks clarity and factualism and is full of contradictions. What the Railways stated in the High Court in 2007 was that 29 acres of their land was encroached and 10 acres out of these 29 acres have been reclaimed. Their version in 2016 was that they had marked and installed pillars in 78 acres of land. The government affidavit in the court had stated that the land belonged to the state government and private individuals; and Railway has no ownership of the land in question. The government later backtracked from this stand seemingly to facilitate the eviction of the ‘foes of the nation.’
The entire area contained permanent structures — including schools, colleges, health centres, houses, commercial sites and religious places, such as mosques and temples — and the occupation on it has been dated back to pre-independence India.
The illegal act of the authorities has already claimed 5 valuable lives and more than 250 people have been injured and unrest prevails in the area.
Denial of justice is leading to reaction of the victims which will end in anarchy in the country. Social Democratic Party of India demands cessation of acts and deeds targeting the citizens of the country based on their religion by the government and its machinery and to prevent the country from anarchy that would result from such racial and revengeful acts.