New Delhi, 4th Oct 2021: MK Faizy, National President, Social Democratic Party of India strongly condemned the ghastly ravage of Ashish Mishra Teni son of union minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra Teni, on the protesting farmers at Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. Stern and exemplary action, slapping IPC charges for murder, should be initiated against the culprit and his accomplices for killing four protesting farmers, demanded Faizy.

Faizy paid tributes to the killed farmers Lovepreet Singh (20), Daljeet Singh (35), Nachattar Singh (60) and Gurvinder Singh (19) and prayed their souls may rest in peace, on behalf of Social Democratic Party of India.

Uttar Pradesh which has literally turned into a jungle raj has been witnessing hooliganism by the henchmen of the ruling party and its fringe groups ever since Mohan Bisht assumed power of the state. Mob lynching of Muslims and Dalits, orchestrated encounter killings, gang rape and murder, etc. have become a routine in the state.

Farmers, the backbone of the nation, have been on protest for nearly one year against the pro-corporate Farm Laws amendment enacted by the union government. Several farmers have martyred in this period. The union government that dances to the tune of its crony capitalists has been anathematic towards the demand of the farmers.

It is amidst this grim situation, the son of a union minister who came with his goons in 3 vehicles has run over the protesting farmers who were dispersing after protest at the helipad. He also attacked SKM leader Tajinder Singh Virk directly, by trying to run a vehicle over him. There were also shots fired, and one of the deaths was by this shooting by Ashish Mishra Teni and his goons. It is the silent acquiescence and endorsement of such criminal acts by the administration that motivate goons to engage in violence and hooliganism. In this case, the goon has been abusing the union minister privilege of his father, which he is pretty sure would save him from any cases by the government.

Strong protests need to arise all over the country against this hooliganism, said Faizy. Justice which is not in the dictionary of Hindutva fascists cannot be expected from UP or union government, and hence Faizy urged the Supreme Court of India to take suo motu congisance of the crime and initiate stern steps against all the culprits including the minister’s son.