NEW DELHI, 5th Oct 2021 : The massacre of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri in  UP was extreme act of brutality and absolutely against humanity.  It was shocking that the Union Minister Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra and his henchmen ran over their vehicles on protesting farmers and killed four of them.  Eyewitnesses say   Ashish Mishra shot on the farmers and killed one. Women India Movement (WIM) strongly condemns the inhuman attack on the farmers.  It was a preplanned massacre and act of terror against agitating farmers. 

The Adithyanath led BJP Government in UP has been trying to suppress the voice of dissent and agitations against the bad rule of BJP govt.  This was another incident of stifling the dissent and agitation of the farmers using goons.  The police, instead of protecting the farmers, joined their hands with goons by arresting the farmers including women who were dragged and kept in the lockup in a very rude manner. Adithyanath’s BJP government is smothering the constitutional rights of the people using police, goons and draconian laws.  There is an absolute anarchy prevailing in the state wherein the Sanghi goons are enjoying total impunity and continuing in lynching, looting and threatening the people.

It’s shame on Union Minister Ajay Sharma who defended the incident by falsely saying that the farmers were died under turtled vehicle due to stone throwing by the farmers. Many videos witnesses that the vehicles ran over behind the agitating farmers.  Ajay Sharma is misusing his ministry to save his rogue son Ashish Sharma who was the kingpin in this terrifying massacre.

WIM National General Secretary Yasmin Islam urges that Ashish Sharma and his henchmen must be arrested immediately and the Supreme Court has to take suo moto cognizance of the incident. She said, WIM demands immediate sacking of Union Minister Ajay Sharma for his irresponsible manner.  She demands that since anarchy prevails in UP, the honorable President of India should dissolve the UP state government to bring peace and normal life in the state.