Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounces the call by Sriram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik to bulldoze the Christian churches in Karnataka. Muthalik says thousands of Hindus are being deceived and converted to Christianity, daily and to prevent this conversion the illegal churches should be bulldozed. He also asserted that he had compiled a list of illegal churches across the state and that he would be requesting the government to demolish them.

The threat to ‘bulldoze’ ‘illegally constructed’ churches comes days after Sri Ram Sene, gave an ultimatum to the Karnataka government to ban loudspeakers from mosques across the state. The other week, the members of Sri Ram Sene had held Suprabhatam (Hindu morning chant) sessions early in the morning in Mysuru, warning the Muslim community of the consequences if they continue to use loudspeakers for Azan.Though the calls for demolishing places of worship of non-Hindu communities, the process of vanadalising and demolishing such places and monuments, etc. have lost the news value in contemporary India, it should be understood that such endeavours of the right-wing extremists are highly perilous and it aggravates the communal polarisation. 2014, the year of fascists’ ascension to power at the centre, is the year that marked the propagation of brazen communal hatred by the right-wing Hindutva extremists.

Since then, not a single day has passed without the communally polarising calls, statements and acts of the fascist forces against the non-Hindu religious communities in the country. The saddening part of these venomous communal acts is that the government, which is supposed to curb and curtail such acts of hatred and ensure peaceful coexistence and protection of all the citizens in the country is giving full support and protection to these anti-social elements. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) reminds the secular society in the country that unless they wake up from the lethargy and resist the fascists, the secular texture of the country will be lost, and an environment of mutual hostility in place of mutual love will evolve in the country.

Elyas Muhammed ThumbeGeneral


Social Democratic Party of India