MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India took strong exception to the Varanasi Court order to seal a portion of the Gyan Vapi Masjid in Varanasi. The order of the honourable court is a blatant violation of the Places of Worship Act 1991 which states that a site of worship’s religious trait must remain the same as it was on August 15, 1947. It asserts that nobody ever shall translate any religious denomination’s holy site into one of a distinct denomination or section, stated Faizy.

The dispute and disruption pertaining to the Gyan Vapi Masjid is nothing new but it is part of the RSS agenda to destruct, destroy and snatch the ownership of the religious places of worship and the historical monuments constructed and owned by other religious sectors, especially Muslims. As claimed by themselves, they have listed 3,000 masjids to be demolished or ‘restored’ from the Muslims. Gyan Vapi is the second masjid on the list; the Babri Masjid being the first one. It is the same pattern of annihilation of Babari Masjid, that is being followed in the case of Gyan Vapi masjid too. Demolition and annihilation of ‘foreign’ religions and their symbols are key objectives in the journey towards the Manuvadi Hindutva Rashtra which is in its last lap, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Babri Masjid is replicated in the case of Gyan Vapi also. But Social Democratic Party of India, with the support of the secular people in the country, shall fight tooth and nail any such act of destruction of the masjid and peace in the country.

The Constitution of the country has already been pushed aside to stand as an effigy since the extreme right-wing Hindutva fascists assumed power over the country in 2014. And it is foolish to expect that the ruling extremists would do anything positive to ensure the protection of the Muslim places of worship as envisaged in the Places of Worship Act 1991.So, Social Democratic Party of India urges the non-bigoted secular-democratic people of India to join hands to resist and rein the Sangh Parivar from ruining the country further, and to ensure peaceful coexistence of the citizens of the country irrespective of their religious faiths, said Faizy.