New Delhi, 14th June 2021: Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India has stated that the land deal scam by Ram Janmabhoomi Trust is of no wonder. Sri Ram has never been a piety or devotional matter but a political tool for the Hindutva fascists to amass money and scale the echelons of power, said Elyas. 

Initially an issue was raised by the Hindutva forces by wrongly claiming right on a nearly half-millennium old Muslim place of worship without any documental support, but mere myth and beliefs. They demolished the Masjid on the land in day light in the presence of the top brasses of the Hindutva militant brigade; paving the way for them to reach the corridors of power at the centre. They kept the issue boiling till they were successful in saffronising the entire democratic and judicial system in the country. And then they procured the illegally ‘legal’ order from the apex court to construct the temple in the name of Ram in the Wakf land owned by Muslims.

Now, a huge land scam that has taken place last March has come to light. The Trust wanted more land to expand the Mandir premises and have purchased land for the purpose in an open heist of temple fund. A man purchases land adjacent to the temple construction site for Rs. 2 crores, and within minutes the very same land is bought by the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust for Rs. 18.5 Crores! Those who see and use Sri Ram as political tool and force others of different faiths to chant JaiSriRam are affronting Sri Ram. They have no scruples, no ethics, and no fear of God. So, it is no wonder they engage in such practices. And, sadly, the real Ram bhakths are destined to remain duped by these frauds, said Elyas.