New Delhi, 10th June 2021: New Delhi, 10th June 2021: A delegation of SDPI consisting of National Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad, Advocate Farman Ali, SDPI General Secretary District Ghaziabad Mahendar Singh, Amir Khan and Faizan Khan SDPI Delhi visited Noorpur on June 9th, 2021.

 Noor Pur is a village, newly designated as Town Area Tappal in district Aligarh, situated near Yamuna Expressway. Noorpur is only village in jat dominated area having eighty percent Muslim and twenty percent Dalit population except these no people of any other castes are residents of Noor Pur. According to Dalits, there has occurred no communal incident in the village for last four decades between Muslims and Dalits. The social compatibility is manifestly evident from combined demography. Muslims had donated a piece of land and also contributed to fund to Dalit brethren to construct an Ambedkar Dharmshala at conspicuous place.

The village due to Muslim population happened a hit point for mischievous elements criminally and communally operating from Tappal for creating a social trouble. A very insignificant incident unfortunately took place on May, 26 when Muslims asked to postpone operation of loud music/DJ at gate of Masjid for ten minutes to complete process of  Namaz e Asar. Some verbal shots were hotly exchanged between youths and an unidentified person damaged a side glass of DJ vehicle. Wiser and elderly fellows of village instantly intervened solving the issue and after prayer in Masjid, the marriage procession was resumed and two marriages were thereafter duly solemnised. There remained no controversy till next day when a known persons followed by others from Tappal visited Dalits of Noorpur and instigated after of bride, Omprakash alias Omi to register a criminal case against Muslims. It took two days in persuasion as a section of local Dalits didn’t like the idea but political pressure and ulterior motives prevailed to lodge a FIR on 28 May in Police Station Tappal naming eleven Muslims, five of them were arrested.

In a premeditated conspiracy, a Dalit village boy was hired for wall-writing on Dalit houses to demonstrate insecurity among Dalits showing intention to migrate from Noorpur out of in safety and fear. A concocted narrative was released to Hindi media and published in Hindi Daily Amar Ujal in all its editions and other newspapers and also widely broadcasted. BJP leaders belonging to outside including the Mayor and the MP of Aligarh situated at distant of 85 km started visiting Noorpur issuing provocative and communalising statements. An outsider from Aligarh, Nazm Ali, a self-claimed office bearer of a Political Party also added fuel to fire by issuing a provocative statment. The controversial and fake points, ill-intentionally highlighted, are mainly as follows;

(1) Horse riding of the bridegrooms were forcibly stopped by Muslims. Actually, there was no horse or horse riding on the ocassion or at any event before. The whole of horse narrative is bull and cock story

(2) There are three masajid but Muslims don’t allow Dalits to raise a temple in village. Actually Dalits themselves had thwarted the move of RSS conspirators to install Lord Hanuman idol at Ambedkar Dharmshala insisting that if needed, an Ambedkar statue at the place may be installed.

(3) Dalits are forced and lured to embrace Islam. Actually Dalits in village informed that there is not an iota of truth in allegation and there is no such complaint from any Dalit. Three years back one Dalit out of his free will reverted to Islam following due procedure and he has been steady since then.

It was revealed from local interactions that same persons who engineered and spread the present trouble in Noorpur are Desi Sharab Mafia (Operatives and controllers of locally prepared wine) creating menace of a high scale. They are deeply connected to ruling establishment. Hundreds of persons have died in the area due to poisonous drink, more than that figure officially released, the sufferers are mostly labourer. Some arresting are made so to divert the heat, Noorpur is selectively picked to engage Administration and the Police and to brew a big  trouble like Muzaffarnagar of 2013 generating hate and violence at face of all-out failure of BJP in West UP and loosing of face in pandemic situations.

An huge amount has been pumped through to a few persons to repeat the false narrative and to raise a Hanuman temple in village and hiring local stages.

There is no sign of abnormity in Noorpur, though PAC is camping in Ambedkar Dharmshala. Bonds have been taken from two hundred Muslims and more than fifty Dalits to ensure peace by Administration. The villagers speak good words for the role of Police and Administration in dealing with the situation.

The Delegation was accompanied by National President and General Secretary of Ambedkar Samaj Party, Bhai Tej Singh, and Mrs Shabnam Singh apart from an office bearer of Juta brigade from Aligarh.

Report by

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad