New Delhi, 14th June 2021: SDPI delegation visited the family of victims of violence of Yamuna Vihar, Delhi who were fatally attacked at the dead hours of night of June 11th,2021, forcibly entering into house. The families of four brothers live in two houses but on fateful hour, almost all members of the family including sister and her kids had assembled under one roof because the mother had severely fallen ill and all were there together around her. After 1o’clock,there were heard heated talk outside so two brothers rushed outside and witnessed that the security guard of their colony was at target of an youth as the point of his indignation was to have closed the door of colony by the security guard. One brother intervened and objected to on the filthy language and threats to the guard. The brothers sport the beards so the youth on identifying them as Muslims started pronouncing communal expletives and made threats to teach them a lifelong lesson. Both brothers went inside the house but within thirty minutes, a mob of about two dozen of youth came with sticks, hockey, iron rods and firearms and they forcibly entered into this house indiscriminately assaulting all the persons with arms into their hands grievously injuring all the inmates including aged persons, women and children totalling ten adults and four kids. The Police registered FIR of the incident on behalf of the security guard and also lodged a counter FIR against victims too.No arrest has still been made for last five days under apolitical pressure. The members of victim family had met and narrated the incident to higher police officer of the area. The area of Yamuna Vihar is a part of infamous North East Delhi which fell to the gravest violence in February 2020 in which the named culprits and open instigators have not yet been arrested despite strong order by a bench of Delhi high Court. Moreover, a number of victims of communal violence and politically dissenting persons have been incarcerated and languishing in jail under fake and false charges.The operators and perpetrators of violence belong to same section of society who had unleashed the violence last year, at the known instigation by the politicians belonging to Ruling party.The delegation of SDPI consisted Vice President, Sharfuddin Ahmad Advocate, Mr.Naved Azim Afridi, Hafiz Mohammad Hashim, Mohammad Ilyas, Dr Shamoon and others. SDPI assured to render all possible legal and political help to victims of hate and violence, pointedly targeted on account of communal identification to serve a long drawn agenda of communal forces. The Delhi and adjoining areas have become a hot bed of communal incidents where victims are picked up for one sided violence and invariably, in every case, Police actions are taken against the victims and actual offenders are often protected due to political protection and religious reasons.