Social Democratic Party of India Delhi State Committee strongly condemns the ongoing demolition drive of MCD in and around Delhi targetting the Muslim community. SDPI warns that the bulldozer politics will have dire consequences of deepening the communal divide and polarisation, which have already been unleashed by the fascist forces ruling the country. The present demolition drive is driven by precise communal objective against the Muslim community. If there are illegal constructions and encroachments, the prime culprits are the bureaucrats and politicians who stood mute for their political and financial gains, when the encroachment or illegal constructions occurred years ago. If the authorities are honest, they should follow the legal procedure of eviction instead of bulldozing the residential buildings without making any alternate arrangements for the rehabilitation of the victims. The present bulldozer show-off is part of the RSS/BJP agenda of financially and psychologically weakening the Muslim community. The authorities at various locations ruled by BJP in the country have initiated this bulldozer politics against the Muslims following the latest communal version of Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations, which erstwhile have been a pious religious activity. The authorities should refrain from this anti-human bulldozer politics and ensure security to the life and properties of the citizens. The Social Democratic Party of India will initiate strong people’s protest against such communal activities of the authorities, if they continue it.