The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while expressing deep anguish, angst and anger at the latest mayhem in Paris resulting in the loss of about 130 precious human lives, vehemently condemned the incident as most dastardly heinous crime against humanity. One and all should rise above one’s religious considerations to run down the perpetrators of this transgression leading to untold grief and misery of the victims and their relatives, the party stressed.

SDPI national general secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe in a statement said that the West has always adopted double standards with regards to terrorism. In their view there are good terrorists and bad terrorists. In a sense, it is good that they are having a firsthand experience of terror. Double standards should be given up. The world should unite for a joint attack to quell such threats. Selective action on terror is not a holistic approach. The US has been playing politics of terror in South East Asia. The consequences are more dangerous than the current crisis in Europe. What for the UNO was created? Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly called for the UNO to define what terrorism is.

Thumbe said that the western leaders especially, the USA should introspect at least for once. They might have created this demon by indiscriminate sale and supply of arsenal to boost their economy. As long as the problems/damages were not at their doorsteps, they hardly bothered. Those who kill thousands of people to capture Oil resource are the main cause of terrorism, he pointed out.

He said that the so-called IS has reportedly claimed the responsibility for the horrifying Paris attacks. It should be borne in mind that IS is not at all related to Muslims in general. It is an acknowledged fact that IS kills Muslims most and is indulging in many acts which are un-Islamic and are not at all supported by the Holy Quran or the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Their violent acts it seems is to defame Islam and thereby generate a hateful environment against Muslims the world over. As such many reputed Islamic seminaries and noted Muslim clerics have issued Fatwa terming IS as un-Islamic.

Thumbe said the real identity of IS should be unravelled. It should be probed threadbare as to which are the actors behind the curtain propping up and funding IS while arming it with sophisticated armory along with providing military training to operate it. If this is done honestly with no unholy maneuvering then the real picture would emerge and Muslims would a heave a sigh of relief as despite being victims they are at the receiving end.

The statement said the immediate fall out of the Paris attack is that France has scaled up its attack on Syria. It is feared that this inside job operation by French Intel will now be used as a pretext to expand the Syrian war. Now, this attack will speed up operation of redrawing maps in the Middle East. In the next few days there will be significant geopolitical changes in the world especially the Middle East. It is generally observed Western countries manipulate other nations mostly Middle East into battlefields for business gains.

There are tens of thousands of people being killed in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other parts of World. Now who kills them day in and day out? Whose forces are killing in the “Name of Democracy” or “Name of Peace” or “Change in Regime”? Be whatever, those being killed have children, fathers, and families but do not they have any value? Repercussions are always there. It’s the world we should pray for in which Beirut like killings never get attention because the killed are from certain religion or part of the world. Say a prayer for Paris for all means but pray more for the world that does not have a prayer for those who no longer have a home to defend and those being killed for no fault of theirs for any reason, the statement stated.

Elyas hoped that Paris attack will not affect the refugee crises in Europe. As it is a test for Europe to show their Humanity gesture and also remember Muslims are not terrorists.