New Delhi
The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while hailing the massive mandate in favour of Grand Alliance in the just concluded Bihar Legislative Assembly elections, has termed it as a referendum against Narendra Modi-led NDA Government’s one-and-half-year-rule. It is a comprehensive defeat for Modi and BJP and its brand of divisive politics. The whole population of Bihar including Muslims, Dalits and Hindus dislike communalism and hate spread by BJP all over the country. During the last parliament election they voted for development agenda and it is now clear that BJP’s development agenda is only a fake.
SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that the election result is a strong response against the strident brand of Hindu politics, underlined by a bruising debate over intolerance, and also against Modi’s policies to undermine Indian Economy in favour of corporates inside and outside our country at the cost of labours, farmers and crores of poor in India. Amit Shah – Modi duo who spearheaded the election campaign tried cheap politics of hatred by bringing Pakistan in to the equation. The grand alliance’s victory is attributed to the rejection of communal politics, driven mostly by the recent debate over cow slaughter, consumption of beef, attacks on Dalits, killing of writers, thinkers and reformists, threat against reservation and cooked up discussion on common civil code. Bihar election has set a model to the national politics to take on the BJP in polls in four other states – Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam and Kerala – next year and the all crucial state of Uttar Pradesh in 2017.
Narendra Modi is playing double role. In the role of Prime Minister he upholds the Slogan “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, and as an RSS worker he is patronising fringe sections in his own party to create intolerance, hate and poking unwanted communal issues of cow or religion. As for the government “Sabka” means only the Hindus which excludes the Dalits, Minorities and have-nots. People have rejected the right of the Government to dictate what to eat and what not and they announce that Modi Government has not been able to provide any direction to carry the country on the path of sustainable Development. Since the BJP took over the power at Centre, several incidents have taken to emphasize that secularism and equality in India are mostly pretentious and the ruling machinery is very much congenial to communal agenda.
The world’s largest democracy, has virtually become one of the highest model of intolerance. Reformists, writers and activists are targeted by fascist outfits. They have already murdered two, Govind Pansare from Maharashtra and M.M. Kalburgi from Karnataka. The government is blind and obstinating towards public opinion. Government spokespersons allege the protests as a ‘manufactured revolt’ and ‘intellectual intolerance’ towards the BJP.
The election result from Bihar is a reflection from the heart of India and Indians. The strengthening public opinion and responses expressed in agitations and ballots give a message that India will not leave extremists to wipe away its secular democracy with the help of a marginal victory in a single election. SDPI hopes that the opposition parties in India will raise up to the occasion to adopt Bihar model all over the countr