New Delhi
The Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI, has vehemently condemned the burning alive of two young children of a Dalit family in their house in the national capital region’s Faridabad. The gruesome crime was allegedly committed by Rajput men over a long-standing caste feud. The party said that it is not only unfortunate but is disgusting and shameful for the country.

SDPI national general secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe in a statement said it is a very sad, disturbing and frightening incident and urged the Haryana Govt. to take steps to ensure speedy justice to the victims’ family. The Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar must ensure exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the crime. The murderers must be tried in fast-tack courts to consummate deterrent punishment to cease the reoccurrence of such hate crimes in future. And the helpless victims must be immediately provided with protection and compensation without any bias or delay, he added.

Ever since, Thumbe said, BJP’s Narendra Modi-led NDA has come to power, India is witnessing ghastly incidents and macabre killings and lynchings. All this must be stopped. It seems that intolerance has become a symbol of India. If democracy is to exist, then all must accept each other’s ways and leave behind all the fanaticism propagated by atrocious extremist ideology practiced by the BJP. “We the citizens of India have always been exploited and on the lines of castes and religions, by the political thugs and vested-rightist interests for the attainment of power. When will we show determination to push away these extremist elements and become Indians? We can truly be Indians, if at all we collectively and conclusively decide to abolish the barbaric caste system”, he stated.

He regretted that the Haryana CM Khattar is busy telling Muslims what to eat rather than governing the state. Cow, it appears, is more important than human life in India. It is a tragedy and very shameful. “In this era of globalization our policies are being questioned across the world. If this wouldn’t stop then we may lose our global democratic position”, he lamented.

Thumbe said that as per the Constitution of India everyone is free to live here while professing, practicing and propagating his religion without any impediment, whatsoever, in plural society which is hallmark of the country. However, the fringe elements are hell bent to subvert the Constitution for ulterior motives to turn the country from secular to a Hindu state. This should ring alarm bells and all political parties standing by secularism should come together while shedding their differences to thwart the evil designs of the Hindutwa Parivar.