New Delhi 11 Dec 2015
It is time to be united and a wage a war against the growing communal terror in the world’s largest democracy, said Social Democratic Party of India National President A Sayeed, during a mass gathering at Town Hall Bangalore on the occasion of the inaugural program of the party’s campaign.

A Sayeed said, the fight is against the communal elements which are hell-bent to destabilize our country’s harmony and peace and not directed towards any particular organization or any of the governments. He appealed that we the common people of India should unite and save the democracy from the growing religious intolerance.

Prime Minister Modi talks about brotherhood, humanity and development in the speeches delivered on various occasions but we do not see even 1% of work in practice, said A Sayeed. He further said that Narendra Modi is discharging his duties as a cadre of the Sangh Parivar and not as a Prime Minister of the country. He alleged that neither the BJP nor the RSS do have the mindset of paying respect to the country’s cultural heritage and traditions. The government by taking steps in laying restrictions on what to eat, what to wear, what to write and even what to think, is paving way towards slavery.

The brutal murders of rationalists Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi are nothing but a planned conspiracy by fascists enjoying impunity. The SDPI owes to pursue continuous awareness programs for the next 3 weeks in all major cities of the country as part of the campaign, said A Sayeed.

Manuwadis will continue to rule our country by their divisive and politics of hatred if Muslims and Dalits do not unite, said Marasandra Muniyappa, the National Executive Member of Bahujan Samaj Party-BSP while addressing the audience in the inaugural program of the campaign. The BSP leader condemned the merciless killing of Mohammed Akhlaq in broad day light by the communal elements on the mere suspicion of possessing beef. He express strong disapproval of the Noida incident where the police allegedly torn clothes of a couple who had approached to file a complaint and condemned the killing of two innocent children in Haryana by the Manuwadis. We should be alert from the conspiracies hatched by political parties BJP and Congress as both the parties are against Dalits and Muslims. Marasandra Muniyappa condemned the discrimination meted out to Dalits even in temples. He questioned Pejawar Swami on how many Dalits that he crowned as Swami and how many Dalits were allowed to enter temples.

While addressing the huge gathering at Town Hall during the program, Maharashtra based Shetkar Organization’s president Ramachandra Patil said, the fringe elements got sceptered and the fascists got empowered after the Modi govt came in power. He exclaimed that the Modi Govt. is working on preparing policies which are against farmers and common people of the country.

The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and its affiliates act not just against the minorities, Dalits and backward castes, but the entire humanity, said National Secretary of Popular Front of India.

The program was attended by a number of prominent dignitaries representing various organizations and political parties.