RESIST LYNCHING INDIA; Mob violence is a threat to our country’s democracy – SDPI

SDPI launched People’s Campaign; RESIST LYNCHING INDIA at Jaipur

New Delhi, 01 August 2017: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) held a massive public meeting at Jaipur and inaugurated the people’s campaign RESIST LYNCHING INDIA. The campaign is scheduled from 1 August to 25 August 2017.

Party National President A Sayeed, in his presidential address said, I inaugurate this program which I expect, would be an inspiration to all those who like to stand by rights and justice. Mob attacks and beating up people unto death has become a continuous story in Modi regime. Respect towards cows and worship of cow are not new in India. Several States have banned cow slaughter years back. But attacks and killings in the name of cow are special gift from Modi to the people of this country who voted him to power.

Sayeed said, Democracy, Secularism, Rule of law and Judiciary are showing feebleness in putting our country into right path as envisaged by our constitution.

Talking about the stand and role of different political parties with regards to the ongoing rampant lynching Sayeed said, democratic secular parties in India are proving how much hypocritical they are. Mulayam Singh Yadav has lost his credibility by his approach in UP election and presidential election. Niteesh Kumar has given a hard blow in the face of secular politics. The left parties of the country have become a worst model of resistance in a situation like the one prevailing in India at present. Smt. Sonia Gandhi compared the presidential election as a war between right and bad. After defeat Smt. Meira Kumar asserted that she will continue with the struggle in favor of the suppressed class of people. All these are fine and good for hearing. But where is the war Smt. Sonia Gandhi is dreaming about. Where is the struggle Smt. Miera Kumar is talking about?

SDPI National President A Sayeed addressing the audience during the inauguration of Party's National Campaign RESIST LYNCHING INDIA at Jaipur on 01 August 2017

SDPI National President A Sayeed addressing the audience during the inauguration of Party’s National Campaign RESIST LYNCHING INDIA at Jaipur on 01 August 2017

Doors towards political, judicial and social solution of their problems are being closed in front of Muslims and Daliths. I would once again point out that if the situation is left to continue, it would not be mere Muslims or Dalits who are insecure in the country. Everybody would have to face the consequences.

This call for resistance is towards everyone. When the very values of the country are being beaten up by a mad mob it is not becoming of areal citizen to sit as mere spectator. Everybody have the moral binding to come forward to bind up this mad crowd. I would like to remind Muslims and Dalits that death in resistance is far better than death in persecution.

Renowned Islamic cleric Khaleelur Rehman Sajjad Nomani, who is a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said there is chaos in the country and needs quick attention towards. He gave a call for a massive struggle urging all peace loving Indians, irrespective of their religion, to come out of home to put an end to the ongoing rampant violence and fail the communal polarization by the divisive forces. Moulana Numan said, under these circumstances, the responsibility of Muslims get increased.

In his address, former Bombay High Court Judge BG Kolse Patil, attacked the Modi government, said the mobocracy has taken over the rule of law in the country today. The mobs are deciding on the streets. Such outlaws don’t fear of law anymore. The crowd is no longer afraid of anyone because they are not only being protected but also patronized by the BJP-ruled governments in several states. Dalits and Muslims are being targeted because they are obstructing the implementation of Hindutwa agenda. Today, BJP is trying to weaken the country by distributing people on the basis of religion. In the issues pertaining to constitution, people with Sanghi ideology are being brought so that the country can be run with the agenda of Hindutva. Justice Patil gave a call to the people to unite and remove the chaos being spread in the country. The judge asked the Modi Government of of its anti-people policies and appealed to the people of India to take on the fascist forces by thwarting them off their thrones which they captured via the loopholes of democracy and communal polarization. Justice Patil also inaugurated the Online Petition appealing Indians to raise their voice against the persecution.

All India Congress Committee-AICC spokesman Shahzahad Poonawala in his address said, the cost of justice has reduced to even less than that of a cow. In the name of Gow-raksha, innocent Muslims and Dalits are being targetted, brutally lynched by the so called Gau-Rakshaks (Cow Vigilantes) and the Prime Minister Modi is just delivering statements. Surprisingly, he warns the so-called critics every time, but their warnings have no effect in any way, that is, the Nura Kushti is going on and the crowd is killing innocent people. There is an atmosphere of fear in the country and the Modi government has kept silent like ever.

SDPI Gen Secretary Mohammed Shafi and Justice BG Kolse Patil seen in the inauguration of the Party’s National Campaign held at Jaipur

Addressing the gathering, SDPI National Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmed said, in order to bring the country out of the atmosphere of fear that the mob system has created, our party will unite people by mobilizing them across the country. And will continue to look forward to protecting the country’s democracy and its constitutional values. He said that the murders of innocent people will not be tolerated at any cost. The country should be governed by the law and the constitutional rights of every citizen of the country should be protected in every situation, the efforts of the Sangh to implement its agenda in the country will be opposed at every level.

Shehzad Poonawala AICC (All India Congress Committee) Spokesman MAHA addressing the gathering in the inauguration of Party’s national campaign RESIST LYNCHING INDIA at Jaipur

Addressing the program, SDPI National General Secretary Mohammed Shafi said, the citizens of the country are feeling insecure in their own country. He said, SDPI has taken up the responsibility of creating awareness in nook and corner of the country by way of seminars, street/corner meetings, hall programs, public meetings, etc. to educate one and all . The campaign programs which will be organized from August 1, starting from Jaipur, will continue connecting and engaging people up to Mohalla (Street) level and unite against the mobocracy. Shafi said, on 25th of August, on the campaign’s concluding day, the party will call upon people of the country with the slogan ‘Come Out of House’. Shafi said, to establish the power of law in the country and bring justice to the victims of lynchings, SDPI has started an Online Petition as well which would be submitted with the Chief Justice of India.

Many renowned and prominent personalities including Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer Sharif, Yasmin Farooqui of Women India Movement, Mohammad Asif, Sawai Singh, Umaid Singh, Shoaib PV of Campus Front of India also addressed the program. Several families of the victims of mob-lynching too participated and expressed their pain in the program. The program was moderated by SDPI Rajasthan State General Secretary Ashfaq Hussain and Vote of Thanks were delivered by SDPI State General Secretary Mohammad Hanif. Heads of many Dalit and Muslim organizations participated and extended their support to the campaign.

Audience in Ravindra Manch Hall at Jaipur