SDPI Relentlessly Fight Against Any Anti-Constitutional Moves

Bangalore: Dec. 19. Karnataka Polices’ Imposition of Prohibitory Order Sec 144 in the state is nothing but a part of suppression of protests against anti-constitutional ‘Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. This is also anti-constitutional. Social Democratic Party of India – SDPI reiterates that the Police Officers are playing to the tunes of BJP government’s anti-people and anti-democratic policies which will not succeed.

The BJP government which has come to power with the ‘divide and rule’ policies on the basis of religion and cast is creating sensational issues to divert the attention of the people from the burning issues like its extreme failure in all aspects, widespread rapes and atrocities on women, collapsed economy etc. On part of this gimmick, it has brought in such a heinous ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ shelving the welfare of the nation. It is the right and responsibility of every Indian citizen to oppose such an anti-national moves.

The Indian constitution or Indian laws have not given any rights or authority to the police to suppress or deprive the constitutional rights of the citizen. Whether the police didn’t understand that the opposite opinion of the people cannot be suppressed by imposing prohibitory orders on protests and demonstrations. ? SDPI strongly condemns the attitude of Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao who said that “The protestors shall go to north India”. Such a rude behavior never suits to the higher officers. This kind of assertions will increase the risings.

In Dakshina Kannada district the police officers have participated in the demonstrating program of ‘Babri Masjid demolition’ held in Sri Rama Vidya Kendra, Kalladka under the leadership of RSS leader Kalladka Prabhakar Bhatta. The Lt. Governor of Puduchery Kiran Bedi was also participated and appreciated the program. This type of terror training will create communal hatred, violence and animosity in the tender minds of students. It’s surprising that the police have given the permission to such programs and they were the participants in it.

On Dec. 6, Karsevaks of Babri Masjid demolitions were felicitated in a program conducted of Sangh outfit which was also aware by the police officers. Meanwhile, police officers didn’t allow to conduct press meet by the SDPI in party’s office. This shows how certain police officers peruse discrimination on the basis of religion.

SDPI continues its fight relentlessly against anti-constitutional, anti-people and anti-secular BJP government and against the police officers who trying to suppress the peoples’ voice and rights of the people.

Present in the Press Meet:
1) Elyas Muhammad Thumbe – State President, SDPI Karnataka
2) Abdul Hannan – Gen. Secretary – SDPI Karnataka
3) Afsar Kodlipet – State Secretary – SDPI Karnataka
4) Shareef – District President –SDPI Bangalore
5) H.Gangappa – Dist Vice President, SDPI Bangalore..