New Delhi, December 25th, 2019: Social Democratic Party of India National President, M.K Faizy expressed concerns about National Population Register (NPR) update process approved by the central government on 24th December 2019.

In the earlier years, documents related to the birth of the person were not required for updating the NPR data prepared as part of the decennial Census. This year, six additional columns requiring to fill in the data of birth place and related information of the parents have been included in the form. Everybody ought to produce the birth certificates of their parents as well.This additional data collection is intended to prepare the draconian NRC, and not a requirement for Census. NPR update appears to be the NRC in camouflage, said Faizy.

The socially and educationally backward common people in the rural areas of the country may not have even heard of such documents on birth, and asking them to produce such documents would create panic among them which may result in unrest in the country.

Faizy urged the central government to remove the additional columns in the form to ward off the concerns of the people with regard to their secure living in the country.

NRC in the guise of NPR is unacceptable and the format of NPR needs to be urgently modified to match with the previous Censuses, he said.