SDPI Offers To Support Barath Bandh Dahlan Baqavi, national vice-president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) stated here today that SDPI will take part in the nationwide bandh on 26th November, called by 10 trade unions to protest against the Central government’s anti-labour policies. The party will back the two-day farmers’ agitation on November 26 and November 27, as well. According to the union leaders, workers belonging to all the sectors, except those who are part of essential services, will participate in 26th November 2020 strike.The bandh is organised seeking abolition of anti-labour and anti-farmer bills; payment of Rs 7,500 in the accounts of each non-tax paying family; monthly supply of 10 kg of food grains to needy families; MGNREGS expansion to give 200 workdays every year, higher wages and the scheme’s implementation in urban areas; end to privatisation in sectors such as railways, ports, defence, power, aviation, mining and finance and no forced dismissal of employees in PSUs and pension for everyone.While the nation-wide lockdown without any preparation had left the labourers and small-scale business firms incomeless, the recent Farm Bills have broken the backbone of the farmers. Small and Medium scale industries are struggling, and many industrial units were shut down due to heavy losses. Life of common man has turned miserable. The government is engaged in implementing their political agendas rather than finding any solutions to the miseries of the labourers and farmers. It is in these circumstances the people are forced to call a Bharath bandh to make the authorities respond and act, said Baqavi. The pro-corporate central NDA government driven by RSS and led by BJP has been working for the ‘vikas’ of the corporates since it came to power in 2014. The government is least concerned about the miseries of the labourers and farmers, unemployment or economic decline of the country. The GDP of the country has declined to negative state. Unemployment is all time high since independence. Labourers and farmers are struggling to keep both ends meet. Still the Prime Minister says people in India are living in the golden age of the country. Baqavi urged the SDPI cadres to actively participate in the bandh and assured that SDPI will firmly stand with any pro-people agitation for rights.