Protect the Constitution Our nation observes November 26 as Constitution Day. Protection of Constitution has gained special emphasis under the ruling of Sanghi fascists. Ever since they assumed power at the centre, they have been indulging in destroying the Constitution by several anti-constitutional acts and deeds. It gained momentum in the second term of NDA. The way they maneuvered abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, enactment of Triple Talaq Act, enactment of CAA, etc. have been running roughshod over the Constitution. The objective of Hindutwa Rashtra, the main agenda of the Hinudtwa fascists is in synchronisation with adopting Manusmriti, which the fascists view as their Constitution. It is the inevitable duty of every citizen who loves the country and who wants the country to live in its diversity to ensure that our Constitution is protected with all its values and principles intact. On this Constitution Day, let us pledge to protect our Constitution which is being undermined by the Sanghi government targetting to replace it by Manusmriti.MK FaizyNational PresidentSDPI