New Delhi, 30 Nov 2015
Social Democratic Party of India will launch a nationwide campaign against communal terror entitled “On Your Feet, Not On Your Knees” from 10 to 30 Dec, 2015. The campaign’s objective is to stop attacks on minorities, dalits, BCs and progressive personalities. The campaign also aims at uniting people to fight against communal forces which are trying to disturb and destabilize the country.
SDPI observes that, the whole nation should come together against the communal terrorism patronized by the NDA government. The Modi regime has fallen short of creative agenda in a very short time and is now in the grip of Hindutwa extremists. The socio-political situation of our country is growing vulnerable day by day. BJP MPs, Central Ministers, Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states and even governors appointed by the NDA Government are coming forward with controversial statements one after another mostly attacking the secular and progressive democratic sector of our country. In just few months of the NDA government the slogans of development have been replaced by utterances of intolerance. Ongoing mayhem of hatred and murders in the name of religion and culture are creating unprecedented divisions among the people. The tentacles of communal politics are now curbing the fundamental freedoms; freedom to say what you want; freedom to write what you want; freedom to eat what you like. A minuscule group with its own ludicrous notions about food wants to impose up on others their ludicrous notions about food and animal husbandry.
It is hopeful that writers, artists, cultural activists, scientists, public intellectuals, etc. have together joined hands to launch a collective protest against the government’s failure to protect freedom of expression and contain religious intolerance, by way of their open statements and return of awards conferred on them by the government. This gives a clear message that India will not allow fascists to convert India’s democratic system in to an authoritarian government opposed to democracy, secularism and liberalism. The Bihar state assembly election also has given a favorable message. It is the time now that all peace loving Indian citizens join hands to save the nation from the clutches of communal and fascist forces. Keeping silent and crawling in fear will only help the perpetrators to wreak more havoc and destroy the secular structure of our nation. We, the people of India, have to raise the flag of strong resistance to the marauding anti-national mobs and fight against anti-people rule.  We should unite together to build our nation on the foundation of peace, harmony and love.
Social Democratic Party of India is conducting a nationwide campaign from 10th to 31st December 2015 with the slogan ‘on your feet, not on your knees’ with the intention of reviving confidence among the citizenry. The Party has scheduled the Campaign’s central level inauguration at Bangalore on 10th of December. The campaign includes several programmes like Public Meetings, Seminars, Corner Meetings, Street Dramas, Posters, distribution of leaflets, different types of Poetical and Musical Programmes to be conducted across the country. A massive Parliament March would be conducted on 21st December in the National Capital.
Afsar Pasha
General Secretary