Bangalore, June 06: Despite of the huge publicity dispensing rampant customary usage of money, wine distribution, muscle power and spreading of rumours by the Congress, BJP and JD(S) in the recently held gram panchayat elections in the state,SDPI with its altruistic and staunch cadres day-and-night hard work has once again proved its presence on the ground.


Party has acquired 45 seats out of 272 contested in Dakshina Kannada district and stood in second place in several panchayats. In Udupi district it gained 4 out of 31 seats contested with second position in many seats. In Kodagu district the party secured 12 seats out of 30 and secured 4 seats out of 5 in Hassan district.


Earlier the Party had presence in towns and cities but is making its efforts seen truly welcoming in rural areas as well and is expanding its base in villages in various districts. In Sajip Gram Panchayat of Dakshina Kannada district, it has emerged as the major party by securing 7 seats out of 15, wherein 6 seats were secured by BJP supported candidates and 2 by Congress supported candidates and that 6 SDPI supported candidates have won in Arkula Gram Panchayat. The party has got 4 seats each in Savanoor, Bajpe, and Soorinje. SDPI would play a decisive role in administering the Siddapur Gram Panchayat of Coorg district as it has secured 5 seats.


SDPI Hassan District President Noorullah got elected as Member in to the Seege Gram Panchayat. In a press statement State General Secretary Abdul Majeed said Saleem Bista successfully opened account in Gurugunta Gram Panchayat of Raichur district wherein the party has started work just a few months ago.