The National Secretariat Meeting of Social Democratic Party of India was held on 4th October 2022 at Kozhikode, Kerala. The meeting discussed several Socio-Political issues of the country and passed the resolutions as furnished below.

India has been witnessing unprecedented economic disaster due to wrong policies of the Union BJP government. Continuous devaluation of Rupee against Dollar is the clear signal that how Indian economy is falling towards a disaster. Rampant unemployment is disturbing entire population of the country whereas skyrocketing prices has destroyed the normal life of the household. Entire nation is frustrated due to failed economy of the country. Instead of introducing economic uplift program the BJP regime is running behind sensationalising programs like Pashupalan schemes. In spite of this deteriorating condition, the opposition parties are resorted to silence which added more harm to the grave situation.

Being a great democratic country India is a nation with unity in diversity. Inclusiveness, co-existence and social harmony are the essence of the countrys existence. However, the present scenario is so dreadful where communal and caste discrimination is widespread in the country as the fascist forces are enjoying the impunity with the support of the regime. The federal system has been weakened by the authoritarian policies of the BJP government. SDPI call upon the people to unite and defeat the anti-democratic rule and also to save the country from the clutches of anti-constitutional forces.

Social Democratic Party of India is pursues its slogan Freedom from Hunger and Freedom from Fear. SDPI believes in Social Democracy and committed to strengthen the values of Indian Constitution. However, the vested interests in Media and politics have been spreading fabricated and false allegations and propaganda against SDPI for their nefarious benefits like polarisation of votes. SDPI will strive against these vested interests through democratic means and peoples support.

The meeting was presided by the National President M.K. Faizy. Vice President Adv. Sharfuddeen Ahmed, General Secretaries Mohammad Eliyas, Abdul Majeed Faizy, Secretaries Abdul Sathar, Faisal Izzudheen, NWC Members Mohammad Mubarak, C.P. Abdul Latheef, Ashraf Muvattupuzha, Abdul Majeed K.H. were present in the meeting.