The Vijayadashami message of the RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat this year was the demi-official declaration of the Hindutva-Rashtra envisaged by the RSS ideologue MS Golwalkar. The declaration that the secular-democratic country India will be made a theocratic country is anti-constitutional and one that destroys the concept of unity in diversity, the basic character of the country. Mohan Bhagawat’s reference to the demographic imbalance is another similar allusion.

The country has been in the regressive path in all domains of development since the Sangh Parivar regime came to power at the centre, eight years ago. RSS general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale himself says that poverty, unemployment and inequality in India are growing, and poverty stands as a demon. As he disclosed, more than 20 crore people in India are below the poverty line, daily income of more than 23 crore people are below Rs. 375, the number of unemployed are more than 4 crores and 7.6 per cent is the unemployment ratio as per the Labour Force Survey. Hosabale who stated that people in most part of the country are not getting clean drinking water or nutritious food, asked whether it is fair that one fifth (20 per cent) of the country’s total wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population.

There is nothing new in the disclosure of Hosabale. It is the same facts that the anti-fascist political parties, socio-cultural and voluntary groups and human rights activists in the country have been telling for the past several years, that Hosable has repeated. Nonetheless, the Sangh Parivar propaganda has been that those who have been saying these facts were despising and denigrating the country.

Though the country is besieged by such serious issues mentioned above, Bhagawat’s speech doesn’t suggest any solutions to these debacles, but it is filled with references that widen the religious polarisation that has been uncontrollably growing since the Sangh Parivar came to power. What Bhagawat says is that the country would lose its identity as a result of ‘religion-based inequality’ and ‘compulsory conversions’. As per the current statistics, the population percentage of the majority community is 86 and that of other communities is 14 in toto. The invention of Bhagawat is that, still the growth of other communities through uncontrolled birth, religious conversion and infiltration through the boarders are creating religious inequality in demography.

It is the chief of the same Sangh Parivar that always allege that Muslims here are planning to convert India into an Islamic country, that publicly proclaims that India will be made a Hindutva country. It has been clearly put into black and white by the RSS idealogue that the other religious believers in that country must live as second-class citizens serving to the whims of the majority without even eligible for civil rights.

The reins of the political party that leads the central regime is in the hands of the RSS. So, the statement of Bhagawat that shall have dire consequences must be discussed seriously. Those people who aspire India to remain a secular nation hereafter as well, should come ahead to encounter and defeat this move.