BM Kamble, the National Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of India took strong exception to the plan to impose Hindi as medium of instruction in the educational institutions, make it mandatory for employment and in court proceedings. It is an absurd idea that would accelerate the already growing disharmony in the country, said Kamble.

The Parliament Committee on Official Language headed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah has recommended that the medium of instruction should mandatorily be Hindi in all technical or non-technical educational institutions including central universities.

Hindi is one of the umpteen languages in India, and imposing it is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution which has not counted Hindi as the national language. The recommendation to impose Hindi is an effort to destroy the linguistic diversity of the country.

As Hindi already is one of the languages taught in schools in the present three languages policy and no need to change this system and impose Hindi has been warranted, the recommendation is in tune with the RSS ideology of one nation, one culture, one language. This is prejudicial and detrimental to the diversity of the country.

Since the home minister has not succeeded in convincing his own rank and file living in the non-Hindi speaking parts of the country about the move, it is likely that the recommendation would turn out to be a damp squib, stated Kamble.